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Renee - Shop owner, Storm's Queen & Sorceress


Renee is the Owner, Innovator, and Executive Sorceress who utilizes her specialized background and magic to oversee her latest entreprenurial endeavor, Art on You Studios - Tattoos, Piercings, & Needful Things.  Implementing her spooktacular visions throughout the establishment is what gives the place its ladylike aspects while maintaining its novel aesthetics. 

Renee Anderson
Renee Anderson

Renee was born in St. Louis, but has spent the majority of her life in the Salt Lake Valley.  Being driven, organized, and creative are all qualities that come from the influence of Renee's mom who drew upon those same characteristics to be successful in her own life.  Renee, who is most well known as the Dark Queen, applied her ingenuity as a Seamstress to establish and manage her former company which customized ladies' heavy metal and horror clothing, Dark Queen Apparel.  Her experience with this unique operation prepared her to effectively Own and Oversee Art on You Studios.  Renee has been published in periodicals such as Salt Lake City Weekly, The Ninth Gate Magazine,  and Rue Morgue

When she's not governing the activities at Art on You Studios, Renee loves spending time with her husband, cats, daughters, granddaughter, fostering kittens, reading as much as possible, attending an occasional heavy metal show, and of course watching horror movies and tv shows from Bram Stoker's Dracula to True Blood.

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