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Teddi Martinez - Tattoo Artist


Teddi Martinez was born in Salt Lake City, but moved to Magna at the age of two. Like so many other Artists, Teddi was attracted to art since she could hold a pencil. At a very young age she was expressing herself through wonderful images and creations.

Teddi Martinez, Tattoo Artist at Art on You Studios
Teddi Martinez

At heart, she was more of a beach girl, so Teddi found herself in Hawaii. Her Dad was showing off some of her paintings which led to an offer to become a Tattoo Apprentice. Teddi accepted the offer and apprenticed at Maui Atomic Tattoo in Lahaina.

But her Utah roots called her back. After becoming a successful Artist in Hawaii, and even being published multiple times, Teddi came back to her home State. She contacted her comrade, Reuben Villarruel who had been a Guest Artist at her shop in Hawaii, and helped her become part of the crew at Electric Brush (formerly Attatude Tattoo). There, she began to rebuild her clientele.

When Electric Brush closed its doors, Teddi came to Art on You Studios along with Reuben. She now has 11 years in the professional industry and we're very excited that Teddi is now a part of our AoYS Family! She has been a wonderful asset and her personality is positively adorable. At the end of 2016, Teddi pitched the idea of "Deck the Halls" which became a new charity event for us where each of our Artists created original artworks on skate decks. Those decks were then auctioned off and the monies were donated to local charity, Magna FACT, which used the funds to bring Santa to local, underpriveleged children and made their holiday much brighter.

When Teddi is not tattooing, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and family here in Magna. She loves to paint and create new art or crafts such as wind chimes and jewelry in a multitude of mediums. Of course, sometimes she just likes to kick her feet up and relax when she's otherwise not being some kind of awesome!

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