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We are very proud to have maintained this policy since day one, and we make no exceptions. Thank you for understanding and supporting our shop stance and ethic in this matter.

Art on You Studios is owned and operated by Utah's own version of the Addams Family. Renee and Storm (the Gomez and Morticia if you will) have combined their respective collections of memorabilia and horrific collectibles as the basis of this wonderfully unique establishment that is Vintage Horror Movie Theater meets Old West Tattoo Shop.

skull flourish
skull flourish

Please come and experience our incredibly clean, sterile, and comfortable shop! Browse our portfolios of experienced and certified Artists with abilities to meet your body design desires from Nature, Floral, Tribal, and Traditional to Dark Art, Biomech, Portraits, Watercolor, and New School. Not only do we carry a wide variety of the best flash on the market, we can also customize any piece to your specifications. While you peruse for your next work of Art on You, you can munch on fresh, tasty popcorn and your ears may be tickled by the sounds of the cackling Crypt Keeper or howl of the Wolfman from our televisions that are always playing something horrific!

We proudly carry H2Ocean aftercare products! We encourage all of our Collectors, Family, Friends, and Fans to check out all of the Artists' works outside of tattooing, our eBay Store, and Storm Artworks!

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All Ages Trick-or-Treating and
Art on You Studios' 9th Birthday Bash & Halloween Hoopla
Saturday October 27, 2018

Art on You Studios continues its highly aniticipated community tradition on Historic Magna Main as well as celebrating nine years of providing the very best body art and original artwork services our Artists are capable of! Mark your calendar NOW and plan to join us for these spooktacular events!

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