Magical Sigil Tattoos

Old World meets New World. Ritual. Tattoo Witchery. Personal Healing Sigil or Self-empowering Sigil. Not Hocus-Pocus. Genuine, Bona Fide, Ink Therapy. REAL WORLD TATTOO MAGIC.
For many years my wife, Priestess Renée and I have effectively and successfully engaged in daily Magic as well as Ritual Magic. During my career I've frequently heard Collectors tell me they wish they could easily get time off for what has popularly become known as "ink/tattoo therapy". Much like they could for any other doctor's visit. Except I'm not a licensed Physician with an "MD" after my name. However, over time, these two ideas began to naturally come together and my wheels started turning like a locamotive.

tattoo sitil magic for Collector in artwork form by Rev. Storm Anderson
Healing Sigil original artwork for a Collector, magically blessed in Ritual.


Sigils are pictorial symbols used in Magic to represent a diety, or they can be created and imbued with intention for a desired outcome through Magic. I manifest the sigils essentially through meditative sketching and then make a final draft all in my sketchbook. Every aspect is addressing specific needs or goals/desires. Then, it's tattooed onto the individual in a ritualistic manner directly infusing Magic into it which continues to work indefinitely.

When I create the sigils, they are absolutely meant to appear rudimentary. I'm drawing inspriation from some of the earliest of markings combined with ideas of alchemy, something lost in occult texts, notes in a witch's spell book, and the scrawlings of ancient Shaman. These works are an art all their own. A magical art.

Next, I should clarify that what I do isn't some sort of supernatural mumbo-jumbo like you'll see in Harry Potter films. I also would never claim that what I offer is a definitive "cure to what ails you". As I said, I'm not a Physician. Nor am I a fictional wizard that makes fire emit from my hand, or cure a person of any affliction by waving a wand and reciting a so-called spell in Latin. I would accept comparisons to a Witch Doctor or Shaman with what I do in my Sigil Magic and charging them through Ritual.

I require a consultation prior to creating any sigil for you. This can be done in person or through a video call. During that discussion I'll have you share with me what you want the sigil to address. I'll take notes and make certain I have all the information from you that I'll need to properly create the perfect sigil for you. We'll set an appointment for your sigil to be tattooed and I'll ask for a deposit. The deposit is applied to the final price. After that, as I said above, I sit near my library in case I need to reference an aspect of the sigil I'm creating, I put away electronic distractions, and I focus in a sort of meditative manner, and manifest the sigil.

When your appointment day arrives, I'll have you begin with the typical tattoo paperwork. Please have your ID with you. Then, I'll take you into "The Warlock's Lair". I'll share all of the elements that were included in your sigil and what they mean to you personally and how they all put together will heal and/or empower you through ongoing magic. You'll receive a print of the sigil that I will have scanned from my sketchbook and printed on parchment. The print will have the details fo the sketch lines as well as final draft I made plus all the notes. Then, it's time for the Ritual. At that point, the door is closed and we engage in full Ritual. The modern world, for all intents and purposes of the experience, are shut out. Absolutley no mobile or electronic device usage outside of the Old World inspired music I'll have playing. There's incense, chanting, bell, gong, and very intense intention that all go into magically charging the sigil as it's applied. Please note, the tattoo process itself is still performed as any other tattoo in a clean, gloved, disinfected manner with one-time use needle and ink, etc.

You'll genuinely feel something occurring during experience. For many it becomes very emotional. My space is filled with positive energy, so I invite you to freely let out tears if they come. This is often a vivid release when healing, or perhaps incredible elation when increasing personal empowerment. Moving forward you'll continue to feel the magic working.


If you're at a distance or don't want a tattoo, even magically charged, I can also create magically charged sigils for individuals in original artworks. Just as detailed above, we'll still engage in a consultation to discuss what aspects you want addressed in your sigil and I'll create the sigil in my sketchbook with final outline. Also, like the sigils to be tattooed, you'll receive a print of your sigil that's scanned from my sketchbook with all the notes, sketch lines, final draft, printed on parchment that you can save somewhere special, frame and display, whatever you like. Then, I'll go into Ritual and magically charge the artwork. The charged artwork will be high quality and frameable. No matter where you keep it or display it, it will magically heal and/or empower in a very similar manner to the tattoo version. A letter from me will accompany the artwork and parchment print explaining how to use the art. Finally, everything will be carefully packaged and shipped to you.

If you are interested and want to setup an appointment, or if you want the original artwork version, please go the Appointments page for information on scheduling an appointment.


PLEASE NOTE: I've blurred out notes here and there in the images to maintain privacy of personal aspects of the Collectors.

mike's magically charged tattoo sigil by Rev. Storm Anderson at Art on You
Mike's sigil from sketchbook to fresh tattoo.

Mike's Story
About a year ago I got my Healing Sigil Tattoo from Storm at Art On You Studios when it was in Magna, Utah on Magna Main Street. It was an experience I'll never forget. After the tattoo was completed, I felt completely at ease and absolutely calm. All of the elements that are in the Sigil are specific to me and based off of the things I go through, or deal with/struggle with in life. Whenever I have something come up, I can look at the Sigil and everything feels better and I know I can get through it! I'm covered in a lot of tattoos (ALL done by Storm) and the Sigil is by far the most important and most meaningful one I have! This was an absolutely MAGICAL experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life! Thank you Storm!
-Mike N.

sue's magically charged tattoo sigil by Rev. Storm Anderson at Art on You
Sue's sigil from sketchbook to fresh tattoo.

Sue's Story
My healing sigil experience. When Storm approached me with this idea I was excited. He told me to write down or tell him what I wanted the healing sigil to do. At the time I was angry a lot because of certain circumstances with a family member. I feared going on the freeway because of the (to me) unsafe roads and drivers, and going in and out of a depression cycle that was getting worse. So that's what I told him I needed help with. I saw the design when I got there for my appointment. I loved it. It was done in a private session before any of the other artists were in. Storm did a blessing ritual with incense and a small chanting "prayer". The mood was set ant totally relaxing. The music was low and constant, tribal sounds totally relaxing and not overpowering , just relaxing. He began tattooing and I was prepared for it to be painful, since it was on my inner forearm. Surprise, it hurt less than some of my other tattoos. Also, as he was going it felt like pain, anger and anxiety were being released. I can't explain it, but that's what it felt like. Before I knew it we were done. And as I looked at my newest tattoo, I was in tears, the good kind, the releasing kind. I felt like a great weight has been lifted and I was happy, which at that point in time was a rare thing. I was getting ready to say goodbye to some of my chosen family, didn't see a clear future and was all in all not in a good place. I'm not saying that the tattoo changed all that in a flash, but it certainly reminded me to be positive and keep the negative thoughts at bay, think before I blurted out something hurtful in anger to said family member, and boy did it help with the freeway anxiety. I still don't like the freeway, but I'm just not worried about certain death within seconds of getting on 😁. I just try and keep calm and not let the idiots surrounding me distract me. And if I need extra help, I just touch my sigil and get good thoughts going. I still get a cry, but I don't dwell on it, I let it out in various forms and let it go, I don't stew on stuff that gets me angry for months anymore, and that is absolutely freeing. And since trying to keep negativity out, the depression has gotten much easier to deal with, because again, I don't dwell on things I can't change or have no control over anymore. Our talk after the session helped with that. I'm not sure if Storm knows how freeing and therapeutic this tattoo was to me and how much I look forward to the next one, because one is just not enough, now I have other things that need to be addressed 😁 I also happen to know a few others that were lucky enough to be included in this first batch of sigils had similar experiences. Some of us discussed our sessions and we had almost identical recollections. Storm is onto something special, dare I say magical? I can highly recommend getting one of the healing sigil tattoos because for me, it was truly therapy.
-Sue N.

madelyn's magically charged tattoo sigil by Rev. Storm Anderson at Art on You
Madelyn's sigil from sketchbook to healed tattoo over one year later.

Madelyn's Story
Honestly, it’s helped in ways I didn’t realize until typing this out. It’s healed me from people who were hurting me. I thought I had a lot of problems, medically, mentally, physically. But once I moved on, or rather left a lot of people. All of those problems have slowly gone away? Like what I truly want in life is falling together because the negative, toxic people are no longer there. So my stomach issues? Basically gone. It’s incredible. I still need to hang the actual sigil. But it’s in a safe place right now.
-Madelyn B.