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About Art on You Studios

Art on You Studios opened the doors to its brick and mortar location on October 17, 2009ce.  Since that time it has proven itself as a reputable, unique, clean, sterile, comfortable, and friendly shop that is currently home to six Professionally Experienced, award winning and internationally published Artists.

Renee & Storm Anderson in front of Art on You Studios
A.W. Storm & Renee M. Anderson, 2009

Come in and experience Utah's equivalent to the Addams Family and their spooktacular Tattoo Shop! Although Magna, which lies on the west side of the Salt Lake City Valley, possesses a rich history, this is its first registered and licensed tattoo shop ever! Appropriately, it is nestled on Magna's Historical Main Street adjacent to other incredible merchants that seek to preserve Magna's rustic, noteworthy history. AoYS is owned and operated by Utah's own version of the Addams Family. Renee and Storm (the Gomez and Morticia if you will) have combined their respective collections of Halloween and Horror memorabilia and terrorific collectibles as the decor theme of this wonderfully unique establishment that is Vintage Horror Movie Theater meets Old West Tattoo Shop.

Please come and experience our incredibly clean, sterile, and comfortable shop! Browse our portfolios of accomplished and certified Artists with abilities to meet your body design desires from Tribal, Floral, and Traditional to Dark Art, Biomech, and New School. We can always show some examples, but we prefer to customize a piece of artwork into something that is truly fabulous. While you peruse for your next work of Art on You, you can munch on fresh, tasty popcorn and your ears may be tickled by the sounds of the cackling Crypt Keeper or howl of the Wolf Man from our flatscreen televisions that are always playing something fun and horrific!

Art on You Studios offers high quality body modifications from creative tattoo art in a variety of custom styles. ALL of our body art is performed by Professionally Experienced Artists and Piercer in a Clean, Sterile, Comfortable, Friendly, and Unique Environment! Each member of our team completed their Apprenticeship, possesses their Blood Borne Pathogen Certifications, and have multiple years of Professional Experience in the Tattoo Industry. 

Please DO come in and sit for a spell with some fresh, delicious popcorn while you browse the portfolios, tour around our spoktacular, homelike establishment, get all of your questions answered by friendly staff, and prepare yourself to truly Experience Tattoo Magic!

 While our "Needful Things" such as Metal, Horror, Rock, and Fantasy tees, tattoo stuff, collectibles, magazines, and more have primarily moved to the Art on You Studios eBay Store, we still carry our signature Art on You Studios tees, stickers, and seasonal items such as hoodies. We also proudly carry H2Ocean tattoo aftercare for the best results healing your new body art. 

We are licensed by the Utah Health Department, the State of Utah, and Salt Lake County. We are also proud members of the Magna Chamber of Commerce. For 8 years we conducted an annual philanthropy project we called, the "Inkathon" which was a charity event that contributed to various organizations in our community such as the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Humane Society of Utah. Our final Inkathon was on May 13, 2017. However, we still continue to give back to our community in a variety of other ways from charity art auctions to our annual Halloween in Summer Fesival.

Renee & Storm Anderson in front of Art on You Studios
A.W. Storm & Renee M. Anderson, 2014