About Art on You

Art on You was a concept that Artist, A.W. Storm Anderson had in 1994 as a means to market his original artworks and designs by making prints of them on tees, stickers, posters, and more as well as planning to produce high quality giclees and silk screen prints. Not growing beyond a part-time business for years, Storm continued to pursue becoming a full-time professional Artist. After meeting the love of his life, Renée, who loved Halloween, Horror, Gothic sensibilities, the Occult, and engaging in Magic as much as him, they ultimately endeavored to combine their skills and Art on You Studios was born and opened the doors to its first brick and mortar location on October 17, 2009.

Renee & Storm Anderson in front of Art on You Studios
Reverend A.W. Storm & Priestess Renée M. Anderson, AoYS, 2011

For over a decade they very successfully operated that business on Historic Magna Main offering custom tattoos from award winning and internationally published Artists. Together, under the AoYS banner, they spearheaded memorable annual events such as their philanthropy project, "The Inkathon", where a selection of small tattoos were offered for $20 each. Supported and executed by their team of Artist Colleagues, Guest Aritsts, and Volunteers, 100% of all monies were donated to a charity each year such as The Humane Society of Utah or The Huntsman Cancer Institute. They also hosted a highly anticipated Trick-or-Treat event every October. But the duo's greatest achievement was founding and producing the Halloween in Summer Festival which garnered an estimated 30K attendees in its final year to Historic Magna Main and over the years was sponsored by the likes of FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention, Sony, Warner Bros.,and Coors Light. The Legacy of the Halloween in Summer Fesival is now carried on by Kilted Entertainment. You can read more about that event, and the slated re-envisioning when the Andersons team back up with their dear friends, on the festival website. Wanting to further contribute to the revitalization and managed growth their beloved community during that period, the Andersons were also elected officials including Renée in the position of President of the Magna Town Council and Storm as President of the Magna Chamber of Commerce.

Renee & Storm Anderson at the Halloween in Summer Festival, 2015
Queen and King of Halloween, Renée M. Anderson and A.W. Storm Anderson, Halloween in Summer Festival, 2015

Ever since their 10th Wedding Anniversary/Halloween vacation to "The Witch City", Salem, Mass in 2013, the Andersons deeply resonated with the area and experience and knew they would eventually move to the East Coast. After visiting Poughkeepsie, "The Witchcraft District" in 2016 where they attended and were among the Presenters at the CoS 50th Anniversary Conclave, and again in 2018, they knew that would become their ultimate destination. The area is haunted, nestled within lush magical forest along the majestic Hudson River, is often noted as just plain weird, and is loaded with magic that you can literally feel. What a perfect place for a couple that in Utah were known as "The Queen and King of Halloween"!

Renee & Storm Anderson celebrating 10th Anniversary of Art on You Studios
The Andersons celebrating at their Art on You Studios' 10th Birthday Bash & Halloween Hoopla, 2019

On October 16, 2021, Priestess Renée unveiled her Witchcraft District Bazaar at No. 8 Mt. Carmel Pl. with the next version of Art on You located inside as a private, appointment only studio where Rev. Storm continues to offer custom tattoos and magically charged tattoos. His style is dark, witchy, and from a beautiful place in a shadowed realm that's forever night. Be sure to check out Storm's Bio and Appointments page for more details about his work and setting an appointment!

Priestess Renee & Reverend Storm Anderson in front of Witchcraft District Bazaar where Art on You is featured inside
Reverend A.W. Storm & Priestess Renée M. Anderson, Oct. 2021