Thank you so much for your interest in my tattoo artwork and/or my magical sigil tattoos! I've worked to create a unique and mystical atmosphere that lives up to the motto, "Experience Tattoo Magic" from the aesthetics and uncommon, positive energy of my "Warlock's Lair" to the shadowy artworks I create within it.
If you've read the other sections of this site, you already know more about me, have seen my portfolio, the history of Art on You, and the journey of my wife and I to The Witchcraft District aka Poughkeepsie, NY. The current version of AoY is not a tattoo shop. It's a private, appointment only (no walk-ins) space where I'm the only Artist.

Storm tattooing beautifully dark art in the Warlock's Lair/ Art on You.
Rev. A.W. Storm Anderson creating a beautifully dark piece for a Collector.


I describe my style as "Wonderfully Witchy and Beautifully Dark Tattoo Art from a Shadowed Realm". While some subject matter I take on is directly macabre, not all of it is intended to be so. However, everything I do is black and grey and it will have very shadowy or dark overtones. Influences and inspirations for my artwork include witchcraft, the occult, horror films, creepy television shows, the work of HR Giger, Edward Gorey, Paul Booth, Tommy Lee Wendtner, among others, and dark literay works by such Authors as HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Clive Barker, and Ray Bradbury.
You can find examples of tattoos and artworks in "Bio and Portfolio" section on this site as well on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Everything I create is something I strive to be original for the Collector/ Client I'm creating it for. I take a general idea/concept or subject matter and interpret it into my own style. While giving me a reference to work from may be welcomed, I do not recreate Pinterest or Google searched images or tattoo flash. That's a part of my past career. So, if you resonate with my black and grey style, I'd love to create someting original for you!


I'm happy to chat in person or through messenger or email. My Facebook messenger is: A.W. Storm Anderson Messenger, and my regular email is:
In your message please include the following:
•Your brief, general concept or idea for your tattoo.
•The location on the body you're wanting to add your new artwork.
•The approximate size in inches that you're wanting your artwork to be.
•Please include your name and phone number.


What is your hourly rate?
All my artwork is priced "by the piece", so I don't have an exact hourly rate. I suppose if you break it down, on average I'd be about $120 per hour.

Is there a deposit?
Yes. At the time of setting an appointment I do require a $50, non-refundable deposit. The deposit is applied to the price of your tattoo. If you're scheduling online through messenger, I'll coordinate with you to Venmo or PayPal the deposit.

Do you include gratuity in your price?
No, I do not. While gratuity is considered customary for tattoos, I leave it up to the Collector/ Client to tip (or not) according to their impression of the completed artwork and overall experience.

Do you do color?
I no longer do full color tattoo artworks. I now specialize in just black and grey. With select artworks, if I find it appropriate to the piece, I do add a dash of either a stylized blood red or Halloween orange as an accent or highlight.

May I totally customize my tattoo or get the one I saw on Pinterest?
I don't work in or operate a custom "street shop" tattoo shop anymore. I feel my Collectors deserve more! Each of my Collectors and Clients receive an original work of art in my black and grey style that is interpreted from their subject matter or general concept. When it's finished it is absolutely something that, if not on the flesh, could have been painted on the traditional canvas, matted, framed, and displayed. Ultimately, you the Collector are far more satisfied, and creatively as an Artist, I feel far more fulfilled. However, I do understand that some are quite adamant about their own specific layout or reproducing something they've seen on sites like Pinterest. For those folks, there are a number of wonderful custom street shops with talented Tattooers that are happy to render completely custom tattoos under the direction of their customers.

Do you do portraits?
Only of famous individuals, icons, and characters in my own style. ie: Rob Zombie, Frankenstein's Monster, Vincent Price, Batman.

What if I need to reschedule or am running late?
I ask that folks please give me at least 72 hours notice to reschedule so I can replace your appointment. If you give at least 72 hours notice then your deposit will carry over. Otherwise, I will request a deposit for a new appointment. If you're running more than 30 minutes late, I will ask the you reschedule with a new deposit. Please plan appropriately to be on time and I will reciprocate that courtesy and be on time for you, setup and ready to work when you arrive.

May I take smoke or vape breaks?
Of coure. You are welcome to take a break at any point during regular tattoo sessions or pieces. I only ask that you be prepared to go without a break if you're engaging in a Magic Tattoo Sigil. We also ask that smokers and vapers please stay 20 feet from the store fronts as a courtesy to other patrons of our store and neighboring stores.

May I bring friends with me to my appointment
My space is cozy with myself and the Collector. I do have a spot for one guest to sit fairly comfortably, however, I ask that it's limited to just one guest if you need to bring someone with you. I also ask that any guest be 18 or older. Unless browsing or shopping, your guest needs to be in the tattoo space with us as there is not lobby or wating area in the store. While parent supervised children can be in the Witchcraft District Bazaar store area with their parents during a store shopping experience, they are not allowed in the tattoo space. Prior arrangements should be made so that children are not accompanying you for your tattoo appointment.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest in and support of my artwork! I truly appreciate it and look forward to adding to your collection!