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Alex Weaver - Tattoo Artist


Alex Weaver hails from Park City, Utah. Like so many other Artists, Alex has been drawing, painting, and immersed in art her whole life. During her high school years she enrolled in as many art classes as she could along with after school and volunteer programs proving she was highly disciplined and prepared for an elite, post secondary education.

Alex Weaver, Tattoo Apprentice at Art on You Studios
Alex Weaver

Attending Savannah College of Arts and Design would be the next move for Alex. There, she studied a broad range of disciplines, but her emphasis was in illustration. Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and was ready to emerge into the Art World and work full time utilizing her newly acquired skills.

While in college Alex explored possible paths for her artistry after graduating. During that time she began getting tattoos. Some of those tattoos were her own designs. Others reflected her deep passion for horror. She had discussions about the tattoo industry with Artists while acquiring her ink and it intrigued her. So, upon returning to Utah, she decided to pursue this and come out to Art On You Studios and talk to the Co-Owner, Storm. After showing her portfolio and talking to him about what was expected, and being approved by the rest of the AoY Family, she officially began her apprenticeship in October, 2015.

Alex was given a syllabus with weekly assignments. Additionally, she was charged with practicing line work, watching the Artists tattoo, running shop errands, and keeping the shop clean. It was hard work but it was all worth it to do something that she enjoys everyday. Alex notes that she finds herself fortunate to be at what she condiders a great shop and looks forward to her future in a unique, artistic venue. Besides art and tattooing, Alex emerses herself in horror entertainment and Gothic Culture. She has a vast collection of horror films, magazines, books, and possesses a plethora of horror trivia that she thoroughly enjoys talking about with fellow enthusiasts and anyone interested in the genre.

Alex graduated in May of 2017 directly following the "8th Annual and Final InkathonI" and is now a full-fledged Artist. She is currently taking appointments and is excited to take care of your body art needs!

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