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ArJay Smith - Tattoo Artist


ArJay was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. Growing up she was always interested in Arts and Crafts and was constantly hungry for new mediums to work with. While doing costuming and photography for a local theater company, ArJay started working as a Shop Hand and Electric Brush Tattoo.

ArJay Smith, Tattoo Artist at Art on You Studios
ArJay Smith

Her time at Electric Brush created her foundation in the local Tattoo Industry and began to teach her the basics around the tattoo shop. ArJay became more interested in the tattoo lifestyle and knew she wanted to go further. That's when the opportunity at Remedy Tattoo presented itself

In December of 2016 she helped open Remedy and became the Shop Manager. It wasn't long before her storng interest in tattooing and talen in art were noticed. Soon after she began apprenticing at the shop. ArJay studied, practiced, setup for and cleaned up after the Artists, and pushed herself to become a full-fledged Tattoo Artist.

It was the Fall of 2018 that ArJay moved over to us at Art on You studios and we couldn't be happier to have her as a part of our Shop Family! ArJay specialized in American Traditional, however, she loves working in style or genre. She is regularly drawing if she isn't creating new body art for one of her fabuous Clients or Collectors.

In her free time, ArJay enjoys painting, her home brews, or watching a Horror movie. Sometimes, she can be found at a concert jamming out to her favorite Punk, Metal, or even Psychobilly band. So, if you see her out, give her a "Hello"! ArJay also loves spending quality time with her husband and five furry children.

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