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Lady Jay - Tattoo Artist, Piercer


Lady Jay has been tattooing and piercing professionally since the year 2000. She began her apprenticeship October of 1998 through Susan Shifflett (nickname "Fishy":) in Portland, OR. Fishy had a giant fishtank in the studio with a GIANT Oscar fish in it. Jay figured that was the source of the nickname, however, she never confirmed that

Lady Jay, Tattoo Artist at Art on You Studios
Lady Jay

Over the past nearly two decades, Lady Jay has honed her skills and does custom tattoo work taking on just about anything and everything you toss her way. She loves to do fine line black and grey tattoos, and espeically loves doing full color or black and grey traditional Japanese styled body art. She specializes in bright color or black and grey floral pieces and deeply enjoys incorporating filigree (Art Nouveau).

When she's not tattooing, she still creating art with oil paint. Particularly, she revels in creating pieces with the Nouveau style that she's so passionate about in her tattoo work. Oil paint is one of her absolute favorite mediums.

Lady Jay is also a Body Piercer! She performs all standard body piercings as well as some specialized ones like dermals and genitals. She even does the tiny stud piercings for ear lobes; which is the safe and sterile way unlike the so-called "procedures" at the mall. She has also been doing a lot of Daith piercings lately since they relieve migraines, so if you suffer from migraines come see Lady Jay and she will help you out - she's a pro! All of her clients say that it works!

We are thrilled to have Lady Jay with us here at AoYS! Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram and watch for her developing, updated portfolio withus!. Lady Jay recently exclaimed, "I am very excited to bring my experience and personality to Art On You Studios! Come See Me!"

Lady Jay will accommodate piercing walk-ins if possible. However, it's best to set an appointment by texting her directly at: 385-226-3221.

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