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Steve Atkinson - Tattoo Artist


Steve was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.  Leaving behind everything except his passion for art, he moved to Utah his Junior year of high school.  With no real direction, Steve began the search for a career that would allow him to utilize his artistic talents.  He explored everything from drafting and comic books to fine arts and advertising.  Then, in 2005, through a good friend, Steve found his career path in tattooing.

Steve Atkinson, Tattoo Artist at Art on You Studios
Steve Atkinson

The Ink Chronicles was seeking an Apprentice.  So, Steve began his Apprenticeship with them.  He reamined there until they closed their doors.

"Homeless" again, Steve went out looking for a place to complete his Apprenticeship.  After 3 long years of beating the pavement, he found Knox and Attatude Tattoo.  He helped open Attatude in Ogden and the new studio location in Salt Lake City.  Steve finished his Apprenticeship there and continued to work as an Artist until August of 2012.  It was then that he decided to continue his journey in art with us at Art on You Studios!

Steve's passion for art doesn't stop at tattooing.  He enjoys acrylic painting, airbrush painting, drawing, metal work, and wood works.  Steve's favorite subjects include skulls, flowers, cartoons, and anything with bright colors.  He is heavily influenced by New School and Realism, but still enjoys doing black gray pieces.  Steve aspires to work in the tradition of Tattoo Masters like Nick Baxter, Joe Capobianco, and Guy Aitchison.  He's always up for the challenge, so come see him and get some awesome work!

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Steve's Tattoos

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Steve's Artworks

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