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A.W. Storm Anderson - Shop Co-Owner, Tattoo Artist


Raised by two incredible parents who nurtured his talents and encouraged it into a skill that he's passionate about everyday, A.W. Storm Anderson is Art on You Studios' Co-Owner, an Artist, and contributes to the future vision of AoYS.  Storm apprenticed under Knox, then worked and managed for nearly five years at Attatude Tattoo in Salt Lake City.  Along with his Wife's Gothic sensibilities, the bewitching power couple embarked on their own business venture on the far west side of the Salt Lake Valley.

Storm Anderson in front of Art on You Studios
A.W. Storm Anderson

 Horror movies, Heavy Metal and dark classical music, terrifying literature, and infernal philosophies are the primary influences of Storm's original works.  However, his Tattoo Art is not merely limited to his largely featured horrific works.  Storm is eager to create tattoos in any style from Floral and Tribal to American Traditional and Dark Art.  Articles regarding his tattoos, original artwork, and personal endeavors have been published in online and print periodicals such as terrortube.comThe Ninth Gate Magazine, IN This Week Utah, The Salt Lake TribuneSalt Lake City Weekly, Tattoo Savage, Skin Shots, Rue Morgue, and Gothic Beauty.. 

Together with his Wife, Witch Renee and Storm spearheaded the annual "Halloween in Summer Festival", presented by Art on You Studios, for 8 years (July 2011 - June 2018) and was one of the most highly anticipated events in the area that garnered recognition on a national level. During that time, the diabolical duo were known as "Queen and King of Halloween". The festival is now carried on as an AoYS Legacy by Steve and Sue Nosack of Kilted Entertainment and Renee and Storm have since proclaimed their titles as the Baron and Baroness. Storm continues to manifest new ideas on a regular basis, is proud to be Dad to three beautiful daughters, Grandpa to two granddaughters, is a former President of the Magna Chamber of Commerce, a Church of Satan Warlock, and looks forward to the future with the Team of Body Art Sorcerers at  Art on You Studios.  You can find his current releases from his "365 Days of Hallowen" book, sketchbook, prints, and t-shirt designs to stickers and flash on his developing website:  And if it's after hours, you may catch Storm out with the Baroness at a Magna pub, local concert, indulging in fine food and drink, or viewing a creepy movie.

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