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Teddi Martinez - Tattoo Artist


Teddi Martinez was born right here in the Salt Lake Valley. From a very young age she had an innate desire to paint, draw, and create things. During her middle school and high school years Teddi was sure to register for art classes, but she pursued a self-taught direction as well by chekcing out art books from the library.

Teddi Martinez, Tattoo Artist at Art on You Studios
Teddi Martinez

As a young adult Teddi moved to Maui to be closer to family residing on the island. There she made an incredibly deep connection to the tropical nature, ocean waters and sea life, and the Polynesian Culture. This connection has become deeply rooted and is now an intergral part of who she is and Teddi often reflects that in her personal artworks. While living in Maui, Teddi found her way into the Tattoo Industry.

Still striving to continue developing her skills as an Artist, Teddi was discovered by the Owner of Atomic Tattoo and offered an Apprenticeship. Teddi worked hard and studied the technical aspects as well as effective self-promotion. She soon graduated to full-fledged Artist putting in numerous hours each day. Her work paid off as she had her tattoos published in magazines and she even became the shop Manager for a time. However, she reached a point in her life where she wanted to take her children back to where she was raised so they too could have similar, beautiful Utah memories like their mom.

Back in Utah for years now, Teddi spent some time at Electric Brush and Remedy Tattoo Parlor. She ultimately came to join us here at Art on You Studios. Teddi produces a wide array of subject matter from Floral, Nature, and Portraits to Custom Polynesian Tribal, Skulls, Bio-mech, Americana, and just plain cute things. She is also incredibly skilled with cover-ups and reworking old tattoos.

When Teddi isn't tattooing she's still creating wonderful, original artwork on canvas, out of glass, fabulous windchimes and planters, and marvelous jewelry. She also enjoys spending time with her two beautiful little ladies, sisters, brother, and mom. She loves music, being in nature, barefoot weather, and Viking things. We are extremely proud to have her as a part of our Shop Family and she is currently booking tattoo appointments! To book appointments, please email Teddi diredctly at:

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